Marking Scheme for Philatelic Competition – Hampshire Federation

With philately, certainly at local level, paying attention to how the judges will attribute marks is a significant part of early success. The table below is that used for judging at HAMPEX. It shows that the marking scheme for each class is similar to the others, but provides much more granularity in the Open class or Thematic class where exhibitors have been encouraged to use their imagination in deciding what to show and how to lay it out. Philatelic Knowledge and Personal Study are under the exhibitor’s control, as is the story line told by the materials at hand (Treatment) and the Importance of the area and scope selected for show. How one sets out their sheets and their visual effect within the frame are also a matter of choice. Only relative condition and rarity provide the real stumbling blocks, but count for a maximum of 25% of the marks. As always, choose the best items you can afford.

After much discussion it was agreed that this marking scheme would vary from that at ABPS National level in just one regard: at National level Presentation is given 5 marks and Rarity given 20 marks. Please consider giving competition a go!